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Green Acorn Daycare and Kindergarten, God our hope and strength.

Where every tiny acorn blossoms into a mighty oak of knowledge and joy.
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About us

Rooted in Excellence, Growing with Love

Green Acorn Daycare and Kindergarten is where academic excellence meets heartfelt care. Our committed educators prioritize your child’s well-being and development, ensuring a vibrant and enriching experience. Join our community and witness the magic of learning unfold in an atmosphere of warmth, joy, and endless possibilities.

In the tapestry of education, each child is a vital thread. It’s our privilege at Green Acorn to weave a story of curiosity, imagination, and knowledge, ensuring that every child’s individuality shines brightly.
Mrs Mbugua

Founder & Director

Day care Options

Age-specific support for every stage

Little Sprouts

Our youngest learners explore the world around them through gentle guidance, sensory experiences, and nurturing care, fostering their natural curiosity and early development.

Explorers Club

As curious adventurers, these young minds embark on exciting journeys of discovery through hands-on exploration, imaginative play, and early academic experiences, laying the foundation for future learning.


With confidence and independence, these budding scholars embark on a journey of academic growth, critical thinking, and self-discovery, preparing them for the next stage of their educational adventure.

Day care

Schedule and tuition


Half Days

Ideal for early learners, offering focused morning sessions packed with enriching activities tailored to stimulate young minds.


Full Days

Comprehensive educational experience providing ample time for learning, exploration, and socialization throughout the day.


Extended Day

Designed for busy families, offering extended hours with supervised care and enriching activities beyond school hours.

We welcome kids into our 2-4’s program based on their birth year.

Why us

The best early learning experience

Green Acorn is the premier choice, combining a nurturing environment, experienced educators, holistic development, safety measures, engaging curriculum, and community involvement to ensure your child thrives and succeeds.

Nurturing Environment

Green Acorn provides a nurturing environment where every child is valued, supported, and encouraged to reach their full potential, fostering a sense of belonging and confidence.

Holistic Development

We focus on the holistic development of every child, integrating academics, social-emotional learning, creativity, and physical activity into our curriculum to foster well-rounded individuals.

Experienced Educators

Our dedicated team of experienced educators is passionate about early childhood education, ensuring that each child receives personalized attention and guidance tailored to their unique needs.

Safe and Secure Environment

At Green Acorn, the safety and security of our students are our top priorities, with rigorous safety protocols, trained staff, and a secure facility providing parents with peace of mind.

Daily activities

Designed to help children realize their potential

Play Video

Language Activities

At the pre-primary level, language development focuses on communication, fostering active listening, writing, speaking, and early literacy skills for future academic success

Psychomotor and Creative Activities

Art, music, and outdoor activities foster motor skills, creativity, and cultural appreciation, nurturing exploration and talent development in learners.

Religious Education Activities

Pre-primary CRE fosters holistic development by teaching about God, creation, prayer, and respecting others' beliefs, nurturing moral, spiritual, and social growth essential for life's challenges.

Mathematical Activities

Pre-primary math activities promote problem-solving skills, logical thinking, and foundational numeracy for primary school readiness and lifelong learning.

Environmental Activities

Pre-primary environmental activities explore human-environment relationships, promoting health, safety, conservation, cultural appreciation, and enjoyable learning experiences.

Pastoral Program Instruction (PPI)

The Pastoral Program of Instruction nurtures students' social, emotional, and spiritual well-being through counseling, mentorship, and character education, fostering resilience and positive relationships within the school community.

Meet the teachers

Experts in giving your children best start

Mr David

School's Administrator

Mrs Jacinta

School's Head Teacher

Teacher Maureen

Teacher: 3-4 year olds

What alumni say
Green Acorn holds a special place in my heart as it provided the foundation for my academic and personal growth. The caring teachers and engaging curriculum instilled in me a love for learning and equipped me with the skills needed to succeed in higher education and beyond. I am grateful for the friendships made and the memories cherished during my time at Green Acorn.

More than just a joyful place

Green Acorn is a nurturing haven where experienced educators foster holistic growth through engaging curriculum, ensuring children flourish in a safe, supportive community environment.